We are an established production partner with global capabilities, and we pride ourselves on being flexible while delivering exceptional service and commercial quality videos that exceed expectations.


We Create unforgettable production experiences and results for our clients with the best talent in the industry.


Tell us where you want to shoot and we’ll take you there. Japan, South Korea, Europe, United States, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Hungary, Romania, Spain, UK, Portugal, Israel, Italy, Belgium, Czekh, Serbia, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Croatia and of course China.


Balance Productions (Beijing, China)
NiceShirt Films (London, UK)
Great Guns (London, UK)

Imagination (NYC, US)

Mi (Beijing, China)
Motor Agency (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Warner Music Group (London, UK)

Stink Studios (Shanghai, China)

Danone (Shanghai, China)

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